OK, so finally that win!

Hi I’m Seattle Reign’s Jess Fishlock and welcome to my blog!

Photo by Winnie Ho

Jess has taken to life in Seattle like a duck to water. Photo by Winnie Ho.

There’s no denying and it’s certainly no secret that Seattle had a tough start to the first NWSL season, where a win just looked like it was not meant to happen.

Then BAM!

In a game which we probably weren’t at our best, we turned a potential 1-0 loss into a 2-1 win over the Boston Breakers and have been unbeaten since. The relief for everyone was huge, we knew we just needed the first win to happen and we could build on it.

We felt we were good enough over our last few games, especially against WNYF but couldn’t hold the lead. I’m actually unsure what exactly clicked that night for us. It may have even just been a bit of luck mixed with a goal of pure quality from Christine Nairn to take the win.

Nine straight defeats brought its frustrations. Photo by Winnie Ho.

Nine straight defeats brought its frustrations. Photo by Winnie Ho.

For me, to come off a nine-game losing streak then win a game by coming back from a goal down, after travelling the east coast basically just sums our squad up. Our mental toughness and belief in what we have been doing from day one is something I think we can be proud of. Many teams would have combusted, fought, blamed each other.

We didn’t. We didn’t change much – if at all anything. We simply turned up, kept working hard in order to turn it around. I think that was and still is our motivation. We have great people from top to bottom. From the owners and coach right through the club, we want to be successful for each other.

The important thing is that we’ve kept it up and are unbeaten in four – the win would not have meant anything if we had not kept momentum. We have a lot of characters in the team – leaders – from all over. There’s Kaylyn, Emz, myself, Keelin, Pinoe, Hope – so many big voices in the team.

Hope Solo has been a big influence since returning from injury. Photo by Winnie Ho.

Hope Solo has been a big influence since returning from injury. Photo by Winnie Ho.

Training is pretty intense – none of us like to lose and we expect high quality. Nine times out of 10 it’s there but if it isn’t for whatever reason (we are human after all) we can just give each other a little reality check (nicely of course!) and bring it back up to where it should be.

Playing and training with these types of professionals and internationals is brilliant, and I learn a lot from them all. However, there’s no denying that training on a daily basis with Hope and Megan is just unreal. They are both incredible at what they do, and I love playing with Pinoe. Technically she is brilliant and tactically she is so aware – it’s just easy.

Hope is, well, Hope! The saves she has made already…I’m unsure how she’s even made them! On top of that, they are so nice, really down to earth and good people. Which is so good. All we need is for Pinoe to change her hair (yea right!) and spectators may have an easier viewing …

That’s not going to happen though so, for all those who can’t see from a distance, Meg’s a good inch or two taller than me. Just saying…!


4 thoughts on “OK, so finally that win!

  1. The Seattle Reign are the story of the Inaugural season for me. I don’t mean to take anything from whomever may ultimately become 2013 NWSL Champions, but I started following the league with only one known: My heart would be torn into 8 equal pieces, and there were valid reasons to love any of the Inaugural 8. All of my favorite players were spread “equally” across the US map, so I had no true favorite coming in. What team would I eventually raise the scarf for? My heart was for the taking. The cards were a bit stacked against the Reign in the early stages… Allocated players with commitments abroad, a respected “family first” agenda from one of my all time favorites. Loss begat loss. There seemed to be the proverbial “dark cloud” following the Reign. But hey, who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Would this be the team I could support? And then I saw Jessica Fishlock. This woman was imposing her will on every player in her area, playing every ball like there was 2 minutes left in the World Cup. This woman is no underdog. Jess is a true motivator, a leader by example, Her actions and her words resonate with equal volume. Never a slumped shoulder, never a lowered head. Always fighting. I realize that Hope Solo and Megan Rapinoe had a massive impact on the team; if not physically, certainly emotionally. But know this: The Seattle Reign could easily have been broken beyond repair. No star keeper or attacking mid could have resurrected a team in the Reign’s position if it weren’t for sound coaching, and players’ with belief, but both of those factors pale slightly in the presence of one Jessica Fishlock. Keep fighting, Jess. #LetItReign

  2. Fishy is the best, she was with that team in good and bad times, POTWeek, fighting Welsh warrior. Love your bbc blog too, Jess!

  3. One of the moments in soccer which I will always remember is Jess Fishlock taunting the noisy crowd in Portland after she made her first goal in the NWSL. That girl (sorry for the sexism, but I’m old), what’s her name? — Fish, Fishwife, Fish-something — has guts! And style! Thanks, Jess.

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