Sal Shipard’s Chasing Leather Challenge

Hello there 🙂

Welcome to the Chasing Leather challenge.

This is only a simple request. From me to you. Pick up a ball and begin juggling. Whether or not you want to be an elite footballer or involved with the game purely for the opportunity to have fun with your friends, perhaps even both. Boy or girl, man or woman…this challenge can be for anybody.

As obvious as it may seem, improvement comes with practice. Let me provide you a teeny background…

My passion for football was instilled from a very young age. My three brothers and I had a very active childhood and I inevitably chose whichever sports my brothers played. As a young girl growing up in Wagga Wagga, sport was everywhere. Eventually at the age of 12, I narrowed it down to one, the most beautiful game for me, football.

The most pivotal training for me in my early teenage years was with the Academy Football Program on a Monday night. There was one footballer I looked up to in particular, Bernie Madden. Her dedication at the time influenced my desire to really commit to football I wanted to play like Bernie, her touch was exquisite. For me to replicate that I had to touch the ball, it was simple. Every day from then on I recall juggling in the front yard and creating an ever increasing bare patch of grass.

I remember not being able to juggle above 10… Again and again I would be bending down to pick up the ball,  and over time I began to improve. As did my game. I was more confident. For me, confidence plays a big role. Juggling aids that!

I would like you to juggle with me every day for at least 20 minutes. Tomorrow try and beat your best today. Here were my targets as a young girl…

Alternate juggles consist of right and left foot – my target was 200.

Ordinary juggles consist of anything & everything- my target was 1000.

Headers is obviously just the head 😉 – My target was 100.

What is your target?!? Do not be afraid to be ambitious!

You decide your target. And when you reach it aim higher again. Be sure to like my Facebook Page This is where we can interact. Let me know your totals as you improve. Each day even!

My role is simple – encouraging you to begin.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Sal ❤

Chasing leather image


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