The Women’s Game looking to develop W-League web series

Media interest in women’s football is growing, but there are a number of dedicated outlets that already exist to try and push the sport, and one of those is a popular outlet down under in Australia, who are looking to go the extra mile.

The Women’s Game (, Australia’s leading women’s football website (and friends of ours), is hoping to produce a weekly series covering the W-League. To show you what they’re capable of, they’ve produced a pilot episode. Presented by former Australian international, Sarah Walsh (@swalshy9), it’s lively, informative, with a nice light hearted touch attached to it.

The team at The Women’s Game do all their work for free (much like ourselves) with regular day jobs. To make this show happen, they need a little cash to cover the production cost of the 15 week series.

Players from the W-League, Matildas and even the NWSL have donated signed jerseys to help them raise the funds. You can pledge your support here:

Sarah Walsh (left) with The Women's Game team, Danielle Warby (Centre) & Ann Odong (Right)

Sarah Walsh (left) with The Women’s Game team, Danielle Warby (Centre) & Ann Odong (Right)

There’s some rare collectors items on the website, so go and have a look and pledge your support. You can follow The Women’s Game on Twitter at @Thewomensgame.


Toni Duggan: I’m Ready For The Derby

I think the rivalry between Everton and Liverpool has always stemmed from the men’s side.

It’s a big footballing city with two massive teams and if you talk to the people here it’s always Liverpool or Everton, Blue or Red. It’s a big divide and that gets taken into the women’s game as well.

For me, it’s a bit difficult to talk about the divide because when I was little I was a Liverpool fan but I started at Everton from a young age. I was a bit unhappy about signing for them because I would have to wear the blue shirt!

But I have grown to love this club and I have appreciated everything that Everton has done for me. For anyone in the city, to cross that border would be tough so for me to have done it is quite strange – but I am glad I did.

The past two derbies haven’t gone quite as we would have liked. We were unfortunate in the first game, in the Continental Cup which ended 1-1, because we were on top in that game but never capitalised. They were also unfortunately given a penalty that I felt was soft.

In action against ex-team mate Fara Williams (Getty Images)

In action against ex-team mate Fara Williams (Getty Images)

In the second derby it was very disappointing to lose 4-1. Liverpool were the better team on the day and deserved to win. I still remember how I felt the next day – I was gutted. All defeats hurt of course but especially against your rivals in a derby.

So we will be going into this game hoping we can come out on top. We will be giving it our all but I am sure Liverpool will be as well.

There are of course a number of players that have swapped clubs. When you come up against players who have left it does add that extra spice, especially when you have played with those girls for a number of years.

It’s different coming up against them but we are Everton and we are going into the game wanting to win – the past is the past. We have got the squad that we have and we are happy with that.

It is irrelevant what has happened – we just want those three points.

Gemma Bonner: Captain’s Blog


I’m Liverpool Captain Gemma Bonner, and welcome to my blog.Gemma Bonner

To say it has been an interesting season would be an understatement, and the fact we now have our destiny in our own hands makes it even more interesting for the last few games of the season.

Ask any player, and they will always say that they like to be able to affect their own outcome, rather than relying on other people, and Arsenal’s previous two results means we don’t have to rely on anyone else but ourselves if we want to win the league title.

The first game after the Euros was difficult having all been away from each other, and the result at home to Arsenal showed that.

It took us a couple of games to gel again, but we knew ourselves we were not performing, and I think being knocked out of the cup by Lincoln Ladies really woke us up and everyone agreed we needed to bounce back quickly.

The first opportunity we had to do that was the game away at Bristol Academy, which was a crazy game however it was important for us to get 3 points.

While we won the game 4-3, we gave away some sloppy goals and I would have been much happier winning 1-0. We put ourselves under pressure, and as a defender, you want to be keeping clean sheets. However, the character of the team was brilliant and we have had the winning mentality all season, which helps in those types of games.

I’ve been really encouraged by how well the team has gelled, especially when you consider the number of new players at the club, including myself.

In action against Doncaster

In action against Doncaster

I cannot understate how important it has been to train with these players nearly every day. It has been a massive bonus for us and has certainly played a part in us working so well together, despite all being new to the club.

I was of course delighted with my goal to win the game, though, especially as it was voted Goal of the Month for August. I never thought I could win an award like this as I usually score tap ins or headers from corners, so I was really pleased to win and its something I won’t forget.

One of my proudest moments this season however, was being made captain at the start of the year, which was a real honour for me, especially when you look at the players we’ve brought in.

I think what’s good about our team is that we have experienced players like Fara Williams and Whitney Engen who you can go to if you need to – there isn’t just one captain in the team, there are many players who lead on the pitch. But I am really enjoying the responsibility of being a young captain, and it is a massive privilege to skipper such a huge name like Liverpool.

Celebrating her stunning strike earlier in the season

Celebrating with teammates after another goal this season

So we now turn our attention to the Merseyside derby, which is coming up on Thursday.

It’s a massive game and both teams will be up for it, but I’m hoping that we will come out on the right side of the result. Derby games are never easy, and Everton have proved a stern test this season, but ask any of the players on our team why they came to Liverpool, and they will all tell you that they are here to win the league.

Therefore, games against your rivals are games you have to overcome, and we’ll be doing everything we can to win on Thursday, and our games after that, to ensure we are the ones lifting that WSL trophy.