Toni Duggan: I’m Ready For The Derby

I think the rivalry between Everton and Liverpool has always stemmed from the men’s side.

It’s a big footballing city with two massive teams and if you talk to the people here it’s always Liverpool or Everton, Blue or Red. It’s a big divide and that gets taken into the women’s game as well.

For me, it’s a bit difficult to talk about the divide because when I was little I was a Liverpool fan but I started at Everton from a young age. I was a bit unhappy about signing for them because I would have to wear the blue shirt!

But I have grown to love this club and I have appreciated everything that Everton has done for me. For anyone in the city, to cross that border would be tough so for me to have done it is quite strange – but I am glad I did.

The past two derbies haven’t gone quite as we would have liked. We were unfortunate in the first game, in the Continental Cup which ended 1-1, because we were on top in that game but never capitalised. They were also unfortunately given a penalty that I felt was soft.

In action against ex-team mate Fara Williams (Getty Images)

In action against ex-team mate Fara Williams (Getty Images)

In the second derby it was very disappointing to lose 4-1. Liverpool were the better team on the day and deserved to win. I still remember how I felt the next day – I was gutted. All defeats hurt of course but especially against your rivals in a derby.

So we will be going into this game hoping we can come out on top. We will be giving it our all but I am sure Liverpool will be as well.

There are of course a number of players that have swapped clubs. When you come up against players who have left it does add that extra spice, especially when you have played with those girls for a number of years.

It’s different coming up against them but we are Everton and we are going into the game wanting to win – the past is the past. We have got the squad that we have and we are happy with that.

It is irrelevant what has happened – we just want those three points.


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