The Women’s Game looking to develop W-League web series

Media interest in women’s football is growing, but there are a number of dedicated outlets that already exist to try and push the sport, and one of those is a popular outlet down under in Australia, who are looking to go the extra mile.

The Women’s Game (, Australia’s leading women’s football website (and friends of ours), is hoping to produce a weekly series covering the W-League. To show you what they’re capable of, they’ve produced a pilot episode. Presented by former Australian international, Sarah Walsh (@swalshy9), it’s lively, informative, with a nice light hearted touch attached to it.

The team at The Women’s Game do all their work for free (much like ourselves) with regular day jobs. To make this show happen, they need a little cash to cover the production cost of the 15 week series.

Players from the W-League, Matildas and even the NWSL have donated signed jerseys to help them raise the funds. You can pledge your support here:

Sarah Walsh (left) with The Women's Game team, Danielle Warby (Centre) & Ann Odong (Right)

Sarah Walsh (left) with The Women’s Game team, Danielle Warby (Centre) & Ann Odong (Right)

There’s some rare collectors items on the website, so go and have a look and pledge your support. You can follow The Women’s Game on Twitter at @Thewomensgame.


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