Katie Sherwood – The teachings of a footballing mum

When Kieran originally asked me would I be interested in writing a blog my initial reaction was why me? I am really not that interesting! But when he explained the show would be interested in me writing about my day-to-day life to share my story of my individual commitment and sacrifices I make in order to play the game, I was intrigued.

Katie scores from the penalty spot in FA Cup Final shoot-out in 2012

Katie scores from the penalty spot in FA Cup Final shoot-out

Being a female footballer, regardless of whether you are professional, semi-professional or amateur, can consume every aspect of your life – it can be around the clock commitment in order to be successful…….throw in a full time job and a young family to look after and it can be one big juggling act.

My life in a nutshell…I have 2 beautiful children, Alfie is six and Isabella is three months old and my family is my everything. On top of my mummy and housewife duties I work full time as a primary school teacher and I thoroughly love my job. My husband also works full time as a football development officer and is also manager of Cardiff City Ladies, so to say our lives are pretty full on is an understatement. (No time whatsoever for a social life)

The question I am often asked is why do I do it? And how do I do it? Unfortunately, football is not my job, it is just my passion, and like many other female footballers around the country, the endless sacrifices that I and many others make is just for the pure love of the game. whether that is getting up at 5am to hit the gym before work, or travelling a four hour round trip to make one training session or taking unpaid leave from work to be able to make a mid-week fixture (yep I’ve done them all).

These are just a few of the endless personal sacrifices women footballers have to make on a daily basis (I just cram about 4 or 5 into one day!!!!) And how do I do it? The simple answer is that I have a great support team with my husband and family!! (Plus I sacrifice my sleep/ I consume large amounts of caffeine hourly)

Family time isn't just for off the pitch

Family time isn’t just for off the pitch

I’ve been out of the game now for nearly 18 months after recently having baby number two. Having previously played at Bristol Academy and Chelsea Ladies with the honour of playing in two consecutive FA Cup finals, I am ready to get my boots back on and I am starting a new chapter having recently signed for Yeovil Ladies in WSL2.

Being only able to spectate for the past 18 months has made me hungrier than ever to get playing again. My decision to sign for Yeovil was an easy one, the club have a great, ambitious and realistic vision for the next few years, with a very professional approach, and the clubs family feel was very refreshing. I think WSL 2 is going to be a very competitive league with all teams strengthening their squads with new signings; I cannot wait to get started! The hard part and the realistic side to the story is….will I be able to juggle it all.

On that note, with the FAWSL season vastly approaching, my blog every month will just give a little insight into my weekly routine and my balancing of all the goings on in my life whilst in season playing the game so many of us are in love with.

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