Carly Telford: New Beginnings

So a new adventure starts for me and a brand new club, the oldest in the men’s football league yet the newest in the women’s… 


My decision to sign for Notts County was made a lot easier when I knew Rick and Colin would be heading the new venture. After working with them for three seasons at Leeds it was a clear and obvious choice.

The opportunity to work alongside both of them as well as be full-time and get some much needed consistent goalkeeper coaching was a no brainer. The experience that the back-room staff will bring to this club and team makes being part of things that much more exciting.

When I agreed to sign, Rick had only signed Sophie Bradley, Jess Clarke and a few youngsters so it was a bit of a leap of faith. But I know Rick well enough to believe in how ambitious he is when it comes to getting what he wants… and I haven’t been let down. We now have a very healthy and competitive squad with the announcements of Ellen White, Dunia Susi, Rachel Unitt, Rachel Corsie, Desiree Scott, Anna Green, Katie Hoyle, Katie Holtham and Caitlin Friend (PS: hope I haven’t missed anyone!)

Alongside some of the girls that had already committed, it looks like this season will hopefully be exciting and successful.

We started our first full-time week on the 20th January, which was an opportunity to get everyone together. The team kind of has to be drip fed, as three players are currently playing in the W-League in Oz and Desiree is due after the Cyprus Cup where she will compete for Canada. However everyone else is in and ready to go.

I must say it’s quite a shock going from Tuesday and Thursday evenings to 11 sessions a week but it’s a lot of fun – tiring but definitely worth it! Rick, Colin and Craig, our exercise scientist, have put a progressive all round programme for us and is periodised accordingly so the hard work now will hopefully pay off during the season :)!

Carly joins Ellen White as a new face at Notts County

Carly joins Ellen White as a new face at Notts County

I also have a new housemate – a crazy scot (Rachel Corsie). I haven’t seen any craziness yet but I’ve heard enough! We will be getting another house mate or two which is exciting.

I look forward to keeping you all posted on our fun and games through pre-season and during the 2014 WSL season. Hopefully I can also get some pictures and videos for you all to check out, especially from some of our new signings. We’ll see how they’re finding Nottingham and our special wet and windy climate… 🙂


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