Thanks to you….The show goes on

So after many messages, emails and requests for the show to go on, I’ve decided that the world of women’s football is too addictive to walk away from.

The idea was genuinely to finish up and hand over the baton to others. Balancing the work of the show and Twitter feed, along with a full-time job, has been tough.

However, when you get people within the game (I won’t embarrass anyone by naming them) and followers of the show asking you to carry on, it’s hard to ignore.

It has been especially tough since Hamish stepped down, and I have appreciated people like Alicia Ferguson and players within the game stepping in to fill guest presenter roles.

It hasn’t always been easy to get someone in to fill the void, though, which is why episodes have been sporadic of late.

This is why I have decided to re-brand and re-launch the show next month under a new name and new format. The Women’s Football Podcast will come to an end in a couple of weeks, but a new show with a bigger focus on player interviews will launch.

I will use the brilliant network of contributors, such as Sarah in America, Linda in Sweden, and Brian in Germany, to give us regular updates on what is happening in their respective leagues, so you will still be informed of what is going on.

Thanks for the messages and for the continuing interest – name of the new show will be revealed soon.

New show. New name. New start. It’s all about the players.



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