Ada Hegerberg – My education on and off the field


The guys at The Women’s Football Podcast asked me if I would like to write a blog about myself, the life as a professional footballer, and how I deal with balancing playing football and finishing my last year in school! So here I am, writing for them.

First a short introduction about myself. My full name is Ada Stolsmo Hegerberg and I come from a small town called Sunndal.

At 13-years-old I moved to Oslo with my family, partly to develop as a football player, but also because in Oslo I had the opportunity to play at a higher level, playing for Kolbotn and Stabæk, until I signed for Turbine Potsdam in January 2013.

It is now eight weeks since we (Norway) were in the final of the summer’s biggest adventure, the Euros in Sweden.

A young Ada alongside sister Adrine, who currently plays with Kopparbergs Gothenburg

A young Ada alongside sister Adrine, who currently plays with Kopparbergs Gothenburg

Unfortunately, I suffered an ankle injury in the quarterfinal against Spain and played the two last matches, the semi-final and the final, with the injury, which still troubles me.

An MR back in Potsdam showed that two ligaments had fractures. Now, two months later, I’m slowly getting back to business and played my first game again against Essen in the DFB-Pokal.

I am physically fit, but I can’t use my right foot 100%. On the other hand, my left foot precision has increased during my injury period.  I just have to deal with it and it takes the time it takes to heal.

This gives me an opportunity to do some long term planning for my individual development. In other words, what are my specific aims in developing specific skills – speed, finishing and motoric skills.

At the moment I have plenty to do; training, medical treatment and school work.
I have plans to graduate at the normal time, which means this last year in school is important.

Training hard with the Norwegian National Team

Training hard with the Norwegian National Team

To ensure I have the best chance of passing, I travel back to Oslo now and then to have contact with my teachers, where I can discuss subjects face to face. From Potsdam, I’m doing these studies through the Internet.

I am not looking upon schoolwork as a burden, because it gives me a reason to live and think as a normal teenage girl. What interests me and concerns me in addition to football is how society is working. To play football abroad and travel around the world is an excellent combination with education.

My short term aim this year is to produce goals for my club and be a precise passer of the ball so that Turbine Potsdam can be a superb team of possession football. Concerning scoring goals, I put a lot of emphasise on both using my left and right foot and also improve my skills in the air, so I can put the ball into the goal from any narrow angle and long distances.

What is also very important for me is to evaluate that I take small steps every week and every month. In a ten-year scope, I hope that will produce something.

Outside my control I hope that women’s football will make great progress in every country and that the players train with high intensity, quality and accuracy.

Thank you