Megan Rapinoe: The last brownie…

I am not worthy of the brownie, I know, but…

I find myself just staring at the keys trying to wrap my head around what it is like to live abroad.  For anyone who has had the pleasure, and by pleasure I mean experience – which sometimes is not a pleasure, you know what I mean, right?

In so many ways I feel it to be equal parts exciting and boring, incredibly enriching and difficult, hilarious and not f**cking funny what so ever (I just want the server to know I don’t want cheese on my sandwich, that’s it!).

In many ways I feel as though I am on vacation, or I should be treating my time here as such.  Taking in all the sights, gaining five kilos because the croissants are just that good, and getting all cultured at the many art museums.  And yet in many ways I am living the exact same life you are living at home, just without the comforts of home.

Megan Rapinoe

And yes – poor, poor Pinoe. It must be so hard to be paid to do something that I love and live abroad and ugly ol’ France and learn the dull language of love. I get it. I am lucky. And I am having an experience many wouldn’t even dare to dream of.

But I am also just a boy, standing in front of a girl…wait…what?! In many ways my experience reminds me of that scene in Notting Hill where everyone around the table has to tell their sob story in hopes that it will be pathetic and sad enough to be worthy of the ultimate prize – the last brownie. Julia Roberts (god I love her) starts on about her nose and her chin and how hard it must be to be an actress earning millions and being all world famous. And for a minute you fall for it.  You can sympathize with her, for a fleeting moment, in the loneliness of an empty room at the Four Seasons and the pressures of having a perfect face.

But then sister to the left is in a wheelchair forever and then reality hits.

Megan Rapinoe

That’s kind of how I feel sometimes. Ridiculous I know, because my complaints are those of the first world, but I miss home.  And sometimes that is hard to say for fear of feeling ungrateful or complaining about this life that I live. But I do. And it can be lonely and boring – a lot.

Sometimes I just want to make dinner and cuddle on the coach and watch football on Sundays and eat Mexican food and go to IN and OUT Burger and bicker with my sister. Sometimes I just want that.

And in the end I know I am not worthy of the brownie in any way, shape or form.

But like dear Miss Julia, I sometimes want to be entertained with the idea that just for a second…I am.


Stream of conscience…

Hey guys, Megan Rapinoe here! Welcome to my blog.

Megan Rapinoe warming up...or is it Jess Fishlock? Photo by Winnie Ho.

Megan Rapinoe warming up…or is it Jess Fishlock? Photo by Winnie Ho.

I didn’t really know what to write so this is a stream of conscience dating from June 14 at approximately 13h30 (while sitting on style-lacking airport chairs in the boarding gate at the International airport of Lyon, France) to July 3 10h49 (on a faded blueish green mid-century style sofa peering through single pane windows onto the glistening waters of Lake Washington)


I’m so happy my flight was not so early in the morning. I really hate to wake up early. I am happy to have been able to said goodbye to the people at the corner bakery, although I didn’t really tell them I was leaving so maybe they are worried about me? I’m sure they are worried sick.

I wonder why even though it is the boarding time no one is at my gate headed to Munich.  I don’t hear any beautiful German conversations happening.  S**t.  The gate has been changed.  I better hurry, I don’t know how long it will take me to traverse the 30 meters from gate 24A to 20A.

I wonder what the German flight attendants thought of my attempts to say ‘thank you’ for the newspaper? Ali told me that she just used to say “danks”, in the same way we say ‘totes’, so I am quite sure they totally knew what I was talking about.

Finally touched down in Boston. I better switch to my sneakers – my toes are fat and the immigration line is always a hassle. Which reminds me I need to sign up for Global Entry. I’ll do that this week.

I can’t wait to see all the girls. I feel like it’s been ages.  I wonder what Syd is doing right now? Probably something I would crack up at, or I’ll ignore her.  I wonder if they are as excited to see me as I am to see them? That’s a stupid thought Megan of course they are, probably going to need to make a sign-up sheet for ‘catch girl chat’ much like our treatment lists go.

Totally flooded with big fat smiles as I see all the girls filing out of a meeting room! Thank God I have missed the meeting, I can hardly understand what Tommy is even saying! This environment is one of the most normal things for me, although it’s not normal and actually can lead to insanity. I still feel home in the white starchy sheets of a Marriott bed.  I hope it doesn’t take me long to fall asleep…..Good morning Kling how the hell are you doing you little monster? And things are back to normal as always.

I better get up and go the car will be here soon.  I am nervous.  Although from everything the girls have told me, this Seattle team that I am about to join is pretty good and play a nice style – they have just have been a bit unlucky. Nine times in a row.

I am nervous but also curious to see what’s really going on in Reignville.  I’m excited – yes I’m excited to see what this is all about, excited because people’s opinions I deem ‘listen-to-able’ have told me it’s good. I trust them, for now at least.

S**t! Maryann told me I had my own room and I didn’t get all my bags. There were two bags – one with the tooth brush and one with the underwear. S**t I was happy I had the one with the tooth brush but now its 1am and one of my new teammates has opened the door and I am asleep with clean teeth…and nothing else because I thought I had my own room!!!!!

S**t – my bag is totally sprawled out on the other bed and she is peaking her head into the room. I know she sees me. I wonder if she knows I only have clean teeth on!!!! She leaves the room without saying a word, thank God. S**t. She is back, but it’s a different one.  Please be Keeling or Elli, those are the only ones I know…maybe it’s Nairn.  I think I’m safe now.

First game and one point with a tie against WNY Flash while playing down a player for 40 minutes, dominating stretches of the game and with chances to win, is not bad for a first game I don’t think.  All the people whose opinions I can still trust were right.  This team is legit. The coach is legit.  I need some Gatorade because I am about to pass out from the heat on the East Coast.  No wonder people are cranky over here – they are hot as hell all the time! I have Irish skin, I need to get into the AirCon!

I’m just going to fall to my knees right here. Actually I’m just going to lie down for a second.  Nairn – I’m sorry I am not over there celebrating what is about to become the very first winning goal in Reign history, but I can’t move!

F**k yes!!!!!  Boggie you are an animal by the way! Jess, did you see that run Boggie made??!!! Haha oh and sorry I am walking back to the mid-way line after the goal but this is literally the only pace I am capable of right now.

Oh how that home turf makes my feet hurt. And my back too, but Kayln told me that’s not from the turf?? Anyways, ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’ – something similar to that. I am really happy to be back in the NW and to be where I am in Seattle. I’m really happy for all the girls, who have been here the whole time, they totally deserve this winning s**t!

Seven points in three games isn’t the worst we could have done…Crrraaapppp – I need to hurry my friends are waiting and I’ve just taken forever.

I feel a bit like we are the one’s chuckling now, and yes I do realize we are still down the bottom of the ladder.

With a cheeky smile none the less.